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Commerical Solar Carports

Cantilever - Commercial Solar Panel

Single Cantilever

The Single Cantilever is an ideal commercial solar carport choice for sites that are limited in space. It is best utilized when shading a single row of parking spaces in a confined area such as residential complex or restaurant. The Single Cantilever solar carport design is available in two orientations that can be chosen from depending on site location and orientation in order to maximize the productivity of your Solar Panels. It is easily scalable and can fit any locations needs.

Double Cantilever - Commercial Solar

Double Cantilever

The Double Cantilever is the standard for covering large areas. It is ideal for maximizing your solar presence and looks great while doing it. The Double Cantilever solar carport covers two rows of parking spaces at the same time and can be scaled to fit any size lot due to its modular design. The solar panels can be oriented so the incline faces either direction to best fit the site’s location according to the sun.

Inverted Cantilever - Commercial Solar Panels | Solar In Cache Valley

inverted Cantilever

The Inverted Cantilever takes the standard Double Cantilever solar carport design and improves upon it. Instead of one large surface, the Inverted Cantilever design utilizes two surfaces and inclines them at opposing angles in order to maximize the productivity of the PV Modules by orienting itself for both early and mid day production. The Inverted Cantilever also adds interesting visual appeal as the upward facing wings boast an eye catching appearance.

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Commerical ground mounts

The aesthetically pleasing panels are composed of stainless steel and aluminum they are strong and resist corrosion. Ground mounts are a great solution to have a quick installation and are compatible with most types of solar modules.

Flat Roof Solar Panel - Commercial Solar | Solar in Logan
Lux Salon Suites / Logan Utah
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Commercial Flat Roofs Installs

Membrane TPO

A rooftop PV should have no negative impacts on the integrity of the roof. (.i.e. risk of water intrusion or other damage, roof warranties, building permitting, and business operations)

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